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Gender Male
Species Cube Person
Faction Good
Health 3 hits
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Cuboy Adventures

This is an unofficial character thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make any changes to this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


Cubro is Cuboy's older brother. He is red in color and cube-shaped with short arms and legs, like Cuboy. He has white squares for eyes that are curved along the bottom. He has black eyebrows and a black line for a mouth. His pink tongue is sticking out of his mouth. He wears a black cap sideways on his head.


Cubro is Cuboy's older brother. He kind of bullies Cuboy around a little, but they usually get along. Cubro is good at rapping. He likes to run, so he is faster than most Cube People. He can't jump too high. He throws boomerangs to attack that come back to him. When he eats cherries, he gets a super-charged attack called the Zoomerang, which flies faster and explodes at Cubro's will.


Cubro is a good-natured Cube Person, but will sometimes try to be the leader and boss others around. He is very nice to others and loyal to his family.