Cupcaeks of DOOM! is a side story in the NMD adventure series by TinyCastleGuy.

It is not done yet, but you can read the sneek peek from the beginning of the book:

Sneek Peek

Chapter 1 - Abandon Nectarine!

Our heros, a clump of pirates, are stranded on a desert island, as pirates so often are.

  • Bennet: Yarg. I'm bored.
  • Austin: I'm practicing my fancing. Haiiya! Take that you evil leaf!
  • Justin: I'm hungry.
  • Carter: I'm-- Waaugh!

Justin shoves Carter.

  • Ave: I'm Ave!
  • Ave: I'm hungry too.
  • Austin: Well, we've only got one NMD Pirate Cookie left. We'll have to split it equally and--
  • Ave: Snatch! Chomp! Gulp!
  • Carter: Ave you fool! You've doomed us all!
  • Ave: *Crunch.* Sorry. *Crunch*
  • Justin: Captain-- permission to eat the parrot?
  • Bennet: Permission... pending.
  • Carter: I can't believe we didn't think to bring proper provisions when we marooned ourselfs!
  • Ave: I guess we'll just have to eat each other.
  • Austin: AVE! That would be cannibalism!
  • Ave: Not for me, it wouldn't.
  • Justin: Hey yeah! We can eat Ave without any cannibalism related guilt!
  • Ave: No! He's too scrawny, there's no meat on him.
  • Bennet: Good thinking Peg Legless Carter.
  • Carter: Um, I didn't say anything.
  • Ave: Yes he did!
  • Bennet: The Union of Pirates, Buccaneers, and Swashbucklers Handbook says: before resorting to cannibalism, eat all shoes and loose articles of clothing.

Carter chews on his arm.

They cook their clothing under a fire.

  • Justin: Here. We can eat my shoes and shirt. Now no one can say i'm not generous in life threatening situations!
  • Austin: Sorry NoEyes, but i'm afraid I can't let you take off your shirt, under any circumstances.
  • Justin: Hey, I just noticed, without your jacket on, your shirt is YELLOW!
  • Austin: Your powers of observation are especially keen today!
  • Justin: But I wear yellow! We can't both wear yellow! How will anyone be able to tell us apart?
  • Austin: I'm sure they'll manage. You're not the Vice President of Yellow you know.
  • Justin: Not yet anyway. Stop thwacking me!
  • Austin: Then put your shirt on!
  • Ave: Are you guys sure the buckle is the tastiest part of the belt?
  • Carter: Wanna trade? These shoes taste like feet.
  • Bennet: My hat was delicious! All my sweat musta tenderized it!
  • Austin: You have something in your teeth.

Searacnid pops out of the water.

  • Searacnid: Did somebody mention teeth?!? (About time too! I've been waiting for a good set up line so I could make a dramatic entrance!)
  • Searacnid: Hello morsels! Nice to meat you!
  • Ave: Um, you're not allowed to eat us.
  • 'Searacnid: 'Why not?
  • Ave: Um... it's our birthdays next week.
  • Searacnid: Aw, man!

Searacnid swims off.

  • Searacnid: No one ever lets me have lunch with them.
  • Ave: This desert island is soooo boring.
  • Carter: I know! Let's play Gilligan's Island!
  • Carter: Captain, you'll be The Skipper. I'll be Gilligan. Ave, you're Mr. and Mrs. Howell.
  • Ave: Yes! Haha! I'm rich! I'm wealthy! I'm socially secure!
  • Justin: YoHo Austin, you can be the Harlem Globe-trotters.
  • Austin: Why do I always have to be the Globe-trotters?
  • Justin: You're the only one with sneakers.
  • Carter: You know, I think I'd rather be Mary-Ann.

Bennet slaps Carter on the head.

  • Bennet: Sorry, little buddy. That would have been funnier if I was holding a hat.
  • NMDPiratesWeBe: No Phones, No Lights, No Motorcars, Not A Single Luxury! Like Robinson Cah-Ruso, It's Primitive As Can Be!

Austin's cell phone rings.

  • Austin: Ooh! My cell phone!
  • Austin: Yay! I've been hopespecting this call! (Here Carter, hold my sword a moment.

The phone keeps ringing.

  • Bennet: Don't answer it! You'll ruin the mood!
  • Austin: Hi Ally! No, I'm not doing anything. Yeah! See ya tonight!

Bennet stares at Austin.

  • Austin: What? I have a life outside you guys, y'know.
  • 'Bennet: 'I don't think you should be making dinner plans. WE ARE marooned on a desert island AFTER ALL.
  • Austin: We're not THAT marooned. The mainland's right over there. We can row back anytime we want.
  • Ave: Hey! It is right over there! I just assumed we were hopelessly lost, I never really looked in that direction.
  • Austin:
  • Bennet: What?
  • Austin: Yeah, I've been meaning to nitpick you guys. Desert islands just have sand. This has trees, hence: it's tropical.
  • Bennet: Gilligan's Island had trees, and they always called it a desert island.
  • Austin: Perhaps... Gilligan's Island is... inaccurate?
  • Bennet: Don't you dare talk that way about Gilligan's Island.
  • Austin: Well, what about the episode where they all switched bodies? Or the one where the pigeon killed the giant spider?
  • Bennet: LA LA LA LA LA! I can't hear you!
  • Austin: Besides, I've secretly always liked 'Green Acres' better anyway!
  • Austin: I've been hiding it for so long, and I figured since you were already upset...
  • Justin: I always liked 'My Mother The Carmobile'.
  • Bennet: That's because you're a NINCOMPOOP!
  • Ave: I love old TV theme songs! Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na SKULLMAAN!
  • Ave: Everybody do the Skullbusi!
  • Carter: There was a Skullman TV show?
  • Austin: Yeah, it was really silly. The dark gritty Skullman movies are waaay better.
  • Bennet: YAAAARG!

2B continued! If'n you wanna know what happens next, you're gonna hafta wait until it's released! You shan't regret it! There's vikings and penguins and baking later! CMON!

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