Anyone can post enzymes!

Yellow Enzymes

1.A.YellowYellow Enzyme

By Mystery

(Steamlands Tank Suit by TSF)

It looks like blue,but is yellow.It also uses a Proto-suit.

When out of the proto-suit,it can divide,so there will be 2 after.

Shield Yellow Enzyme

By Mystery 2.Shield Yellow Enzyme

It is like the Shield Orange enzyme,but when a bullet come,it will hange the way and protect itsself with the scout.It also have 2 lifes,which will make to be destroyed hard.

Double Shield Yellow Enzyme

By Mystery 3.Double Shield Yellow Enzyme

It's like the Shield Yellow,but it has 2 scouts.So the player must shoot on it twice using a mirror to destroy him.

Yellow Bullet Enzyme

4.Yellow Enzyme Bullet

By Mystery

Just like other bullet enzymes.

Swindler Yellow Enzyme

5.Yellow Swindler enzyme

By Mystery

It is like Swindler (character) but it is faster and needs to be shot twice to be killed.

Red Enzymes

Red Bullet Enzymes

By Mystery

3.Red Bullet Enzyme

Just like other Enzyme bullets.

Bouncing Red Enzyme

4.Bouncing Red Enzymes By Mystery

It looks like the Bouncing Green Enzyme,but it has to be shot twice to die.It will not fly rancom,will follow the player.

Beta version

By Mystery 4.Bouncing R Enzymes

Mimic Red Enzyme

2.Different Red

By Mystery   It is like the Mimic green enzyme,but it will mimic only Blue.Even when Blue exits from proto-suit,it wil try catch the key card and food pil,and the level will be like a race.Interestingly,not like Mimic green,its real form looks like Blue's form.

Parasite Red Enzyme

Parasite Red Enzyme

by Chiselerlikescheese

It homes in on the player and kills on contact. It can't infect, unlike the normal parasite

Book red enzyme

This enzyme throws books,similar to the throwing orange enzyme.


Redd My idea of blue's brother for Test Subject Bros. Thekingofpizzaandgames

Orange Enzymes

Blue Enzymes

Inflatable Blue Enzyme

By Mystery

6.Inflatable Blue Enzyme

It is like the Inflatable Orange Goo.It won't attack Blue, but will attack the others only.

Frozen blue enzyme

By Test Subject fan

Attack: It hangs on the ceiling and drops ice spikes if something walks below it.

History: It was created when a mercenary put a blue enzyme into a freezer.

Fish Blue Enzyme

Fish blue enzyme

by chiselerlikescheese

swims in liquid green enzyme and when under blue it will jump out and give him a boost.

Shooting blue enzyme

by Port1967

It can shoot two bullets in four directions at the same time.

Green Enzymes

Green Liquid Enzyme

By Mystery

9.Liquid Green Enzyme It is an hazard which will kill blue if it falls on it (like the Spherical orange goo).

Spawner green enzyme

By Sabkv

Spawner green enzyme Floats in air, throws Bullet green enzymes, Bouncing green enzymes, Monkey green enzymes and Round green enzymes.

Punching Green Enzyme

By Port1967

Like juggernaut orange enzyme,but it can punch Blue. It's arm takes 23 hits and it's body takes 1 hit. If you get behind it,you can shoot it's body to instantly kill it.

Invisible enzymes

Invisible Enzyme

by Sabkv

Test subject invisible Can move, jump and shoot bullets.

Custom technology

Here you can add your custom technology,like diferent kinds of proto-suits,lasers and others!

Spider Suit



Cuboy suit

by Test Subject fan

Cuboy... no... Hey! It's Blue with his Cuboy suit!