Dis is a story

TV: Guaranteed to -(Channel changes) TASTE THE PAIN!!!!-(TV shuts off)

Jumpy: Five million channels and still nothing good.

Omega: Jumpy, you know that was the broken TV right?

Jumpy: We have a good TV?

(Broken TV turns back on suddenly)

D CLC: Citizens of Nitrome!!

Pink: Chiselerlikescheese?

D CLC: I know I look like Chiselerlikescheese. But I can personally assure you that I'm not.

Omega: The signals pretty strong. This is broadcasting to all of nitrome!

D CLC: I am Dark Chiselerlikescheese, an unstoppable weapon. And I intend to take over all of Nitrome!!

Isabel: I've heard that before.

D CLC: You want to stop me? Go ahead. It'll amuse me. And if you happen to be a user, I'll get a reward for the battle.

Inferno: Anyone know what he means?

D CLC: Come on out everyone!

(Dark Plasmaster, Dark AC4E, And Dark Test Subject Fan Appear)

Omega: He can shadow clone in a more advanced way.

D CLC: So, a quick recap: CLC is gone, I'm unkillable, And if you try to stop me and you're a user, then I'll create a dark version of you. Good day. (TV shuts off)

Jumpy: (Drops the remote) Woah.

To be continued!!! (next part here)

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