Dis is a continuation to D CLC's Message. and this was made by CLC.

(Strplumboder wanted to be in the story, so I put him in)

Omega: Here's what we know: Chiselerlikescheese has been absorbed by a psychopath who claims to be an unstoppable weapon, and if you fight him and you happen to be a user, he will create a stronger version of yourself.

Jumpy: I did not get any of that.

Inferno: I lost you halfway there.

(Omega sighs)

Sonicboom: So, what do we do?

???: I could be of assistance!

Isabel: Who's there??!!

Strplumboder: It is I, STRPLUMBODER!!!!!!!

Omega: Hey I know you.

Rhyper: I don't know you.

Strplumboder: I came to inform you that I found something odd.

Cressilia: What?

Strplumboder: I couldn't catch it. I could use your help. Its coming this way.

(Something zooms past)

Bombyfish: What was that?

Jumpy: Lets catch it!

Strplumboder:Thank Plumberia for my hook hand!

(Strplumboder transforms his hand into a hook and launches it)


(The hook hand catches the wisp, who looked like Chiselerlikescheese except he was green instead of blue)

Sonicboom: Chiselerlikescheese?

Wisp: Who is Chiselerlikescheese?

Fenny: Ummm, You?

Wisp: My name is Cuboyplaysarcade!

Strplumboder:What a weird name,like a name of a youtuber.You should put under scores insted space's,and not just all together.

Cuboy_Plays_Arcade: Better?

Strplumboder:We are not making a Snikers ad,but yeah,its better now.

Omega: Cuboy_Plays_Arcade, Do you happen to know anything about Dark Chiselerlikescheese?

Cuboy_Plays_Arcade: Nope.

Omega: Drat.

To be continued (Strplumboder, please wait until I make episode 3 to do anything)


  • The Way SonicBoom mistook CPA for CLC is similar to the part in the pokemon fangame titled: Pokemon dark rising, where the player character mistook thundurus for tornadus but noticed that it looked different.
  • Cuboy_Plays_Arcade's name was made to be similar to CLC's name.

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