Darksongs (Organization)

The Darksongs is the name of the organization led by Cave Quarrel. They debut in Rainbow Run. They are seen once again in Rainbow Rider. They are also seen in User:Austincarter4ever's fan art being a part of the backround or interacting with whatever is going on. After the events of Rainbow Rider, they are allies.


"I'll tear you limb from limb!!!!"

Gender Mainly Female
Species Pegusai
Faction Good
Health 2 Blows
Level Beginning to End
Status Most are still alive and no longer corrupted
Game(s) Rainbow Run

Rainbow Rider



Their hideout is a cave that seems small from the outside. Usually, it's where they have meetings, sleep, and eat their favorite food, Cupcaeks.

The Organization Consists of...

NOTHING BUT SOME BLACK PEGUSAI AND THEIR WINGED UNICORN LEADER!!!! THere! I said it! Whenever a Darksong gains their special talent, they either:

  • Grow a horn
  • Lose their wings
  • Lose or Gain nothing at all

This causes them to be separated into three categories:

  • Winged Unicorns (Royalty)
  • Unicorns
  • Pegusai
  • Earth Ponies

Shortly afterward, they earn their cutie mark, which helps clarify what the ponie's job will be. Usually, the jobs are:

  • Cupcaek decorators (Anything)
  • Weather Checkers (Winged Unicorns, Pegusai)
  • Game Organizer (Anything)
  • Janitor (Anything)
  • Palace Guards (Anything that can kick anything's butt)

Why They Went Corrupt O.o

The Dark Things (sworn enemies) stole their Cupcaeks and destroyed the Cupcaek Factory, causing the Darksongs to become beserk knowing that their main food supply had been obliterated. This caused the Darksongs to kill anything on sight.


"I'll tear you limb from limb!!!!"

Attack Screeching (stuns)


Abilities Flying, Speeding up
Health 2 blows
Points 200
Game(s) Rainbow Run

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