Dash is a Winged Unicorn that makes her debut in Rainbow Run. She carries Austin Carter on Her back, casts spells, and flies at the speed of sound.


Dash in the "i liek caek" Fan Art

Gender Female
Species Winged Unicorn
Faction Good
Health Infinite unless if she falls off-screen
Level All (Rainbow Run)
 Beginning and Ending (Spacial Rider)
Status Alive
Game(s) Rainbow Run
 Spacial Rider


Dash has a swirly horn and a white, fluffy mane. Her body is pink while her mane is white. She appears at the end of Spacial Rider to see that Justin has rescued Comet. Her eyes are also pink to match up with the rest of her. Whenever Dash is about to cast a spell, her horn glows all colors of the rainbow. It also appears this way when she's active or feeling very happy. Whenever she's mad, her horn glows a violent crimson.


Dash appears in the backround of level 12 of Spacial Rider.


  • Dash and Flash are based off of a Ty plushie released in 2003.
  • However, Dash does look like Princess Celestia.
  • The colors of her body and mane are the inverse of her sister Flash's.