Decaying Stars
Attack Spraying Poisonous Gas, Harmful on Contact
Abilities Floating
Health 2 hits with fire, water, ice, lasers, rings, or tornadoes
Points 0
Game(s) Cheese Dreams Constellations
This is an enemy from Cheese Dreams Constellations. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a message for one of the collaborators working on Cheese Dreams Constellations.


Decaying Stars are circular green balls of burning gas. Their eyes are yellow and half closed until they spot the player. Their eyes turn red and angry when they are attacking. They spray clouds of green poisonous gas from their mouth.


Unlike other enemies in Cheese Dreams Constellations, Decaying Stars do not have a weak point on their head and therefore can not be bounced on to be killed. They will float in place all the time. They do not move, they attack by spraying poisonous gas clouds in the direction of the player. The cloud does not travel very far from the Decaying Star, but it is quite large and therefore hard to dodge if you are close to the Decaying Star.

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