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Dek Squirrel
Gender Male
Species Space Mice / Squirrel
Faction Good
Status Unknown


File:BigDeklaswas Deklaswas is a space-mouse hybrid from the common game Cheese Dreams.Deklaswas was a pilot of the S.S. Squeakstar during the events of Cheese Dreams

When the cheese moon escaped the S.S. Squeakstar, the cat ship took control of the mouse ship. Space cats raided the ship, but they were careless with their weapons. The destroyed both ships with only three surviving: The cheese moon who took no part in the war, Deklaswas who escaped in an escape pod, and General Caspian, the leader of the cat empire.

Since then Deklaswas has been exploring the universe, trying to get out of his mind what he saw. 


Deklaswas's Space Ship     == Deklaswas (The account) == Hey there im deklaswas and im a space mouse!!! :D lets start up with some of my very creative art:

Space Dek

Me in Cheese Dreams New Moon

Dek Squirrel

Me as a squirrel ( Which i prefer to be if featured in a comic)


Me as a steam lands flag ( I might take requests so fell free to ask)

Mmmmm yeah thats it but ill add some stuff. :1 see ya all later.


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