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Hi this is a fun thing of pictures im making like an activity thing for nitrome stuff so i hope you enjoy it!

News Paper Baffle

Try to find the smily face in this news paper full of such wonderful distractions!


You can download the picture or whatever

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ONLY your answer along with your name

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Edit this spoiler box to put in your answer!!! :D! So no one found it yet?

Custom Bad Ice Berg hiding Avatars!

Yes! I got the bad ice berg skin, added some avatars, and you can get avatars made my me! Hopefully in the future they aren't made, but i spent some time on them! ( Not all avatars are released for presents)


You can download it to or someone can tell me how to not make it large and not so blurry.

So tell me where the presents are and you shall receive an avatar! Yay!

What is wrong with this picture?

Whut is wrong with dis picture if u can guess by christmas time you get 100000000 points

What is it?
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the snowflake near the background mountain at the left is different

Whos that nitrome character?

It speaks for itself




This is just a little comic i made which is probably the best strategy in mutiny

Mutiny Comic

So yeah true story


Me + Summer weekends = boredom

So have fun with this little masterpiece that perfectly catches my glory,strength,beauty,awesomeness,intellegence,spelling knowledge, and others.


I dont know why the quality is so bad

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