Do Fish Like Waffles is the third story in the NMD adventure series by TinyCastleGuy.

It is not finished yet, but you can read this sneek peek from various points in the story:

Sneek Peek

  • Curly: HEY DAD!?! We're gonna go out of the country for a couple days or a week or three!
  • Curly's Dad: Okay! You, your boyfriend, and your pet eagle have fun! Try not to get eaten by crocodiles!
  • Enda: Pet Eagle? ME? Pfft. More like I have two pet humans.
  • Carter: Taking care of humans is a big responsibility you know.
  • Curly: So, how should we get to the airport?
  • Carter: Taxi?
  • Enda: Nah. Leave this to the Nitrome .Com Account and me!

And so--

They arrive in the Steamlands-Atorium.

  • Enda: 3 jetpacks please! Make it snappy!

They fly in the sky with their jetpacks. Some of the letters fall out of their bags with snaps.

  • Carter: Aw, snap.
  • Curly: I think it was farther to walk to the jet-pack store then it was to the airport, we could have just--
  • Enda: Shh. You're ruining it.

They arrive at the No-Name Atomic Airlines.

  • Enda: Hello Mr. Airline dude! 3 plane tickets please! Heck, just give us the whole plane. And someone to drive it around. Make it... quickly!
  • Mr. Airline dude: Uh, ok.

They fly off into the sky in the plane from No-Name Ville to Count Chompalot's Mansion, Nitrovania.

  • Curly: Nitrovania! Land of snooty vampires! We're sure to have a spooky adventure here!

(The sneek peek skips some pages)

  • Fatowl: Hey! Whoever you are! Eagle guy! WAKE UP! We're your NEW arch-nemesses! THE NITROWLS!
  • Baseowl: That's our evil organization's codename? SHEESH. At least tell me it's a secret code, right? N.I.T.R.O.W.L.S.? Negative-Inaffective-Ticking-Raidoactive-Owls-With-Laser-Sharks?
  • Enda: ZZZZZzzzzz...
  • Enda: Znurk? Where am I?
  • Fatowl: Our JAIL of EVIL!
  • Baseowl: It's your mom's cellar.
  • Fatowl: CELLAR of EVIL!
  • Baseowl: You can't just afix 'evil' to the end of something and make it cool.
  • Fatowl: YES I CAN!
  • Enda: I don't want any evil. I want waffles.
  • Redhen: I suppose I could go whip up some batter. We've got a pancake pan, if you'd prefer--

What happens next? Wait for it to come out, silly!

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