Dr. Obnoxious

Though Dr. Obnoxious doesn't appear as a boss in Spacial Rider, he is the one who captured Comet in the first place and attempted to experiment on her. He is very obnoxious, and complanis about how stupid aliens and other life forms are, even though he might be an alien.

Dr. Obnoxious
Dr Obnoxious
Gender Male
Species Human?
Faction Evil and Obnoxious
Health Unknown
Level All
Status Dead εїз
Game(s) Spacial Rider


Dr. Obnoxious appears to be balding, but still retains some hair at the back. The hair is grey; it appears to be falling out whichever way he moves. He wears a light blue lab jacket with very dark blue pants (NOT NAVY BLUE)He appears to be losing his hight. He keeps mentioning that people used to fear him.

Experimental "Companion"

Through the magic of sci-fi, Dr. Obnoxious had engineered a creature that would finally obey him without the use of mind control. Its name is Harold the Horrible , even though its gender is unknown.

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When Ninja Bennet tries to defeat it, he almost gets killed in the process until Comet steps in at the last minute and saves Justin. Harold is then modified into a cyborg and another battle ensures. This time, the combined powers kill Harold once and for all.


(This doesn't count) Intercom- Tells Mind-controlled creatures to go after the escapees

Laser Pointer- Tells Electro-Cheetas where to go

(Okay, NOW it counts! >:D)

Zap Gun- Stuns Justin (but not Comet) for 5 seconds or more

Sticky Gun- Prevents Comet from moving

Steak Ray- Makes things smell like meat (this can be used to your advantage)

How Did He Die?

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The explosions and lights and action were too much for his frail, old body. He caved in faster than Nitrome Towers went out with a BANG!

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