Drake Ulavve is Sal Seleads companion and they are both the new friend of Austin Carter and Justin Bennet. He has a cape and sharp teeth so he thinks he's a vampire, but he really is not. Sometimes people call him "Count Drakeula", or is that just him.


Drake Ulavve looks like your every-day vampire, with fangs,(actually sharp front teeth) a cape, and moderately pointy ears if he had any. His hair is black, and his hairdo is sort of a "squiggly line" shape, exept thicker. He has a black suit like a train conductor would wear, and a pocket watch too that he carries with him all the time.

Drake Ulavve's symbol is a bat, almost excatly like Batman's.


Sal Selead

Drake and Sal are best friends, and get along sometimes and fight sometimes. They go everywhere together. Sometimes Sal bores Drake, and they often fight over who is right and who is wrong about something. (It's bad karma that they can never agree)

Austin Carter

Unlike Sal, the two enjoy hanging out with each other, and share stories and show off themselves. (They both wear dark clothes)

Justin Bennet

Drake is constantly annoyed by Justin, and never listen to what he has to say because he generally thinks hes completely dumb.

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