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END-A is a character in NMDFanfictionMon and a supporting character in AC4E is Absent.

Gender Female
Species Pokemon (NMDFanfictionMon)
Robotic Bald Eagle (AC4E is Absent)
Faction Good
Health Also Good!
Level Soon to be added!
Status Alive
Game(s) NMDFanfictionMon
AC4E is Absent


Like her organic counterpart, END-A appears to be a bald eagle (except angular with a few circles (which are supposed to be bolts) added. Her eyes are always closed and content. It is rare to see her eyes open, but when they are, they're black with white pupils (or completely white if she is surprised).

Her S2 Appearance is her normal appearance wearing a yellow hat. The hat is created by CART-R to protect her from short circuting.

Her Mega Evolution is slightly bigger than her normal appearance with more bolts and tufts of feathers.




Mega Evolution


Appearances in NMDFanfictionMon

END-A debuts in The Way Baki Home as CART-R's Endearing Neighborly Data Animatronic.



  • END-A (with a blue head) is the main character in an animation AC4E made for her animation class (called Robot Bird's Gasoline Quest
  • Unlike the dash in CART-R's name that replaces the E, the dash in END-A's name doesn't replace any letter.
  • END-A is the only bird to get a slight redesign in Season 2.
  • She is also the only bird to make a homage to another robot bird.
  • Since CART-R and END-A are well assembled, it would be difficult for any water to get inside of them. The coat and hats are just extra protection.
  • When she debuted, she didn't talk and just conveyed her happiness through square music notes. Currently, she still does that and also talks a little.
  • Like CART-R, END-A drinks gasoline to continue functioning. If there is none around, she plugs herself into a wall.
  • The song that END-A sings in A Reunion Most Unholy! is a verse from Ellie King's X's and O's.

More to be added soon!

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