Attack Run around with flame on head
Abilities Running, jumping, and screaming
Health 1 hit
Points 500
Game(s) The 24 Days of Moneyball

Nitrome Must Die 2

Emberployees are just about the only enemy in the game the 24 days of Moneyball. They appear as employees from Nitrome Must Die. They also return in Nitrome Must Die 2


There is a flame on each of their heads, and they appear frightened. They will run around levels in a random manner. In Nitrome Must Die 2, they appear the same but one thing. They know how to control the flames on their heads. In Austincarter4ever's stories (doesn't have the category "Game"), Emberployees treat the flames as hair, ar a part of their bodies. If one is to touch it, they won't get burnt by it, especially if the Emberployee is in a good mood.


It only takes 1 ammo of the fire extinguisher to defeat one. After defeating one, it returns to being a regular Employee, and the player is granted 500 points. However, there are very few fire extinguishers spawned.

ACFU Appearence

Rather than being enemies in ACFU, Emberployees are checkpoints in case of death. If you touch an Emberployee while passing through the level, its face will turn red. It is either due to blushing or no longer being able to 'hold it'.