Enemy 585: 2 is the sequel to the game Enemy 585. It features a whole new world(s) for Enemy 585 and Turner to journey on.



Enemy 585 is going around the kingdom with his new-found "stop power" and it is driving Bearded Man nuts. He goes and chases him, but Turner tries to stop the Man. Eventually Bearded Man overcomes and blasts him through a cannon to a different world. Bearded Man then stares at the ground and sighs. What secrets could this Man be holding?

Story 1

Enemy 585 lands in a shrubbery. He then sees a bunch of Enemies, and sees that he is not the last of his kind. Turner comes to his side and they dicide to go take revenge on Bearded Man once and for all.


World 8 - Nut Shrubbery

The first world of Enemy 585: 2, this world has grass lands and many underground holes.

World 7 - Hot Climate

The second world, this world starts off in a desert, but near the end it is in the mountains!

World 6 - Water-Ship Down

This world takes place mostly under water, in the pipes.

World 5 - Freezing Frost

The fourth world of Enemy 585: 2, has snow banks, and obsticles for Enemy 585 and Turner to overcome!

World 4 - Scary Forests

A happy forest turns into a scary forest as the world goes on.

World 3 - Miners' Base

This sixth world has minecarts and lots of mountainous fun!

World 2 - High High Hills

In this world it starts off at the ground but then it goes way, way, up into the clouds!

World 1 - Blockside Kingdom

The final world, at the end Enemy 585 and Turner must venture into Bearded Man and the Princess's castle.

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