This is an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to edit this article, please leave a comment asking for his permission.


Enzyme Coliseum is a game that consists of many mini-games involving events and challenges taken on by a wide selection of characters hailing from the Test Subject Series and fan-made series.


These are the playable characters found in Enzyme Coliseum.

Protosuit Blue

Blue in Rex209



Doctor Nastidious








XCalibur System

Quake K-60


Fusion Mercenary

Professor REX

Professor DACTYL

Professor XCALIBUR

Professor HOTSPOT

Mercenary REX

Doctor QUAKE


Doctor AWS


These are the different mini-games/events that can be played in the game.

One-on-One- A one-on-one battle with a randomized opponent. You can play through twenty three rounds in which you face a different opponent in each round on a different battlefield.

Target Shooting- A time challenge in which the player must break all fifty targets.

Key Collecting- Make your way through the maze (avoiding the hazards) and collect the key card at the end to win!

Enzyme Onslaught- Defeat the constant flow of enemy enzymes that are spawned and see how far you can get before being defeated.

Machine Beatdown- Defeat the Machine in an epic battle!

Aversion- You're out of ammo! See how long you can dodge the enemy attacks before being defeated.

Predator and Prey- In this two-player match, one player is the predator and the other is the prey. The predator tries to hunt down the prey and defeat them by any means possible. The prey tries to avoid the predator and stay alive, while only having their short-range melee attack as a means of defense. For a real challenge, have both players try to avoid the Machine's laser in addition with hard mode!


Player One controls: Arrow Keys, / (for shoot/attack)

Player Two controls: W, A, S, D, Space Bar (for shoot/attack)

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