Evil Carter
Please add an image!
Gender Male
Species Human Clone
Health Um, same as Carter, Austin's????
Level HE'S IN A STORY, NOT A GAME! Oh well :)
Status Back in his own dimension
Game(s) Attack From Another Dimension

Evil Carter

Evil Carter is the clone of Austin Bennet. The only story he appears in is Attack From Another Dimension. For the duration of the story, he has an all-out brawl with Carter, Austin, who refuses to fight him. However, Carter turns the tables when Evil Carter is about to kill him.


Evil Carter seems really different from Carter when it comes to appearence. He has grey hair and peircing red eyes that would scare anybody. His T-Shirt is yellow with a white, evil-eyed smiley face. His pants are the same as Carter's and WAC's. His skin is also pale like Austin and Justin's.

(More is to be written soon)

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