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Evil Wizard
ET Wizard
Gender Male
Species Dark human
Faction Evil
Health cannot be killed
Level all
Status alive
Game(s) Evil Touch

The Evil Wizard  is the main character in Evil Touch who tries to stop the Knights and Mice from landing on the castle. He defeats the knights and mice by popping the Balloons. To pop the balloons, he must use his wand to draw the symbols on the balloons.


The evil wizard have black skin and red eyes. Also wears a red cloak and a red hat, and carries a wand. He has a very long brown beard.


The evil wizard is armed with a wand that can draw in the sky using magic ink. With this power, the wizard draws symbols that resemble or match the symbols on the balloons. When the symbols match, the respective balloon is popped. The amount of ink the wizard can use to draw a symbol is rationed. The wizard's only known duty is to protect his castle from being invaded. The wizard flees the allure (walkway at the top of a castle wall) when a knight or a mouse successfully lands on the castle.


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