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Evil Eye is a boss in colourblind sequal made by Chiselerlikescheese.

Evil eye
Species Eyeball
Faction EVIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Level 30
Status Dead
Game(s) Colourblind sequal


Evil eye eyenaped Right eye in an effort to control colour


What else can I say? He's evil

In game

evil eye is the antagonist of colourblind sequal. you fight hin on lvl 30. he shoots fireballs and many others thats all for now


  • Evil Eye's name unintentionally references a part in Spore, also called evil eye.
    • What's even stranger is that the Creator of Evil Eye played Spore a lot before the creation of this character.
  • Originally, Evil Eye's sprite was Right Eye's, but with a red pupil and a (Badly drawn) Pitchfork.