This is a page where you can write ideas for a Nitrome fan story that you want to exist. If there's a story you want written, you can put the main idea and concept of it here and maybe a someone will write it for you. This is a free page for everyone to edit. But do not edit other people's concepts, instead just add your own concept at the bottom of the page and then leave you username at the end.

Nitrome Must Die fan fiction - Idea

Austin Carter and Justin Bennet are actually brothers who share the same mother but have different fathers. The story is mostly a drama of events about Austin and Justin's family problems and shows what forced them to become rebellious teenagers. The story's setting takes place mostly before the events of Nitrome Must Die.

Plot Outline

Younger Austin goes though the process where his parents separate and his mother eventually goes off marry another man who then becomes Justin's father. Austin and Justin only meet later on in their life after realizing that they have the same mother and become friends. Their family problems causes them to be hateful and they both run away from their families later in their lives only to become shut-ins living their own lives in separate apartments. They both have low-salary jobs and spend most of their time and money playing video games.

-Idea by Frostyflytrap

Swindler and Green - Idea

Dirk Valentine and Final Ninja Zero fan fiction - 

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