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Feet The World (In spanish: Pies en el mundo) is a song by Magnavox Oddysey Fan sung by The Severed Feet. Is a "We are the world" padory song .After the f.c. Faceplant Contest program is represented the spanish version of the song. This song's lyrics are changed on 08-14-2013.
Feet the world

Lyrics (In English)

feet the world

feet the loser

defend the rights of the author

a boot is his home

I catch punishment

even though they should not sweat.

Lyrics (In Spanish)

pia el mundo

pia el loser

defenderemos los derechos del autor

una bota es su hogar

el castigo lo atrapo

aunque no debes sudar aun.


  • The World Piaran Means Feet Or Foot.
  • There Many Words Of Feet or Foot such as Feeting,Feety And Feeted or Footing ,Footy And Footed
  • After The F.C. Faceplant Contest Part That The Caveman Falls In Slow Motion Is Represented The Spanish Version Of The Song.
  • The thing of this rimes with Feety World Feety Loser

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