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Final Ninja: Kyukyoku (Ultimate) is a game that follows the life of Takeshi, the Final Ninja. The game follows Takeshi's early years to his old age. The game begins with Takeshi as a young teenager. Receiving news that his father was on the brink of death, Takeshi rushes home where his father uses his last words to confess to Takeshi that he was a ninja that had worked to protect the people of Tokyo for years, and that it was now Takeshi's turn to take up his place.

Takeshi learns the basic ninja skills from his cousin. He learns how to use ninja stars (shurikens) and ninja ropes in combat. Along with this he learns to wall jump, use close-quarters combat, and move stealthily. Finally, Takeshi's cousin gives him his father's old ninja suit. Takeshi dons the suit and accepts his responsibility as a ninja.

Takeshi utilizes his skills to protect the innocent people in Tokyo. After discovering a sinister plot of a Tokyo gang lord, he moves swiftly to infiltrate the gang lord's base. He quickly destroys the gang's weapon supply and then seeks out the gang lord himself. Upon finding the gang lord he discovers that another group had infiltrated the base and were moving in on the gang lord. Takeshi meets Akuma and they work together to defeat the gang lord. Akuma tells Takeshi that he could use a man like him on his team and gives Takeshi his card.

After much pondering, Takeshi accepts Akuma's offer and goes to work for him. Takeshi embarks on three missions in which he recovers incriminating evidence from a shady informant, cuts off resources for a rebellious hitman, and then moves to dispatch the hitman. Akuma comments after the mission that the hitman had been a former employee of his who had broken off and rebelled. He tells Takeshi that he hopes this will never happen between the two of them.

Years pass by with Takeshi continuing his work with Akuma. Suddenly, a big mission comes up as Akuma sends in his two must trusted agents, Takeshi and Lady Snow Fox, to infiltrate an ostensible corporation run by Dr. Boshi. Upon entering the base Takeshi is captured but escapes with Lady Snow Fox's help. She informs him that the new suit Akuma gave him will enhance his stealth skills so that he can turn completely invisible to enemy eyes when remaining still. She also introduces him to a new ninja staff he has acquired to enhance his combat skills.

With his new suit he finds and defeats Dr. Boshi to be informed by Akuma that Boshi's sponsor, Maxwell Merlock, had arrived at the base and that he as well should be eliminated. Takeshi defeats the powerful Maxwell Merlock and then returns to headquarters with Lady Snow Fox.

Following this event, Takeshi gets some new weapons to use, like Inazuma Shurikens (Lightning shurikens), Smoke Bombs, and a Cyber Katana. He uses these weapons to take out the rest of the suppliers for Boshi's company.

A few years later, Takeshi embarks on a mission to rescue Lady Snow Fox, who had been discovered during an undercover mission. After rescuing her it is revealed that they have an affair. As a reward for rescuing his daughter, Akuma gives Takeshi some new weapons; Snares to entrap enemies, Blowdarts to put enemies to sleep, and Ninja Seis that could be used for climbing or as throwing knives.

Years pass, and Takeshi and Lady Snow Fox, now married, went out on a mission together. During the mission Lady Snow Fox is killed and Takeshi is greatly troubled. He refuses further missions from Akuma and goes to live out his life in solitude in a garden. Akuma is infuriated by this and sends assassins to kill Takeshi. Takeshi defeats them and then proceeds on Akuma's base. Akuma at this point was very old and his body had already given out, his brain functioning only with help from cyborg technology. Takeshi destroys Akuma's Defense Robots and then dispatches Akuma. Takeshi then decides to end the line of the Final Ninja and retires in his garden.


The following controls are for the PFC system.

Left Control Stick- movement/double tap to roll and dodge

ZL- enter cover/stealth/wall jump (while climbing)

L or R- jump/climb

Scroll Ball or Arrow Pad- select weapon

ZR- hold to bring up target icon for accurate ranged attacks

A- attack/use projectile (while aiming)

B or 1- parry enemy attack (when icon appears)/takedown enemy


Mission 1: Returning Home

Mission 2: Li's Combat Academy

Mission 3: Petty Thefts

Mission 4: Weapon Supply

Mission 5: Striking the Head

Mission 6: Evidence Recovery

Mission 7: Cut Off Completely

Mission 8: Snuffing the Spark

Mission 9: The First Big Mission

Mission 10: Inside the Base

Mission 11: Dispatching the Doctor

Mission 12: Merlock's Last Meal

Mission 13: Test Run

Mission 14: Rescue Mission

Mission 15: In Cold Blood

Mission 16: Hunting for Peace

Mission 17: Reigniting the Spark

Mission 18: Skyscraper Caper

Mission 19: Peaceful Destruction

Mission 20: Honored Defeat

Snow Day Missions

In this mode, players get to play as Snow Fox on special missions that are a bit more challenging than the story missions.

Mission 1: The Icy Hand of Death

Mission 2: Best Served Cold

Mission 3: A Flaky Affair

Mission 4: Grief-Stricken

Mission 5: Infiltration

Mission 6: Undercover Thrill

Mission 7: Final Snow Day



Cyber Guards

Cyber Samurais

S.W.A.T. Unit

Sniper Unit (Akuma)

Sniper Unit (Boshi)

Drone Mine (Boshi)

Green Mine

Drone Mine (Akuma)

Clone Scientist

Simian Unit

Gang Thug

Samurai Mech

S.W.A.T. Chopper


Rogue Hitman

Sentinel Robots (Boshi)

Sentinel Robots (Akuma)

Cyber Turret

Patrol Drone

Cyber Sensei

Bricku Gun

Gang Gunner



Defense Robot Alpha

Defense Robot Zero

Dr. Boshi

Maxwell Merlock

Gang Lord

Trans-Mech Samurai


(more to be added later)

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