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Takeshi running
Final Ninja 2.0:Legacy

Ico Final Ninja 2.0



Game Type:



Platformer,Shoot 'em Up


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Prequel: Final Ninja Zero
Sequel: Final Ninja Artwork:Simon Hunter (Very small amount done by Takeshi64)

Final Ninja 2.0: Legacy is a sequel to Final Ninja Zero and the Prequel to Final Ninja. It takes place in the year 2035. It is about the infiltration of Akuma's base by five different ninjas from five different ninja academies. Each ten levels are about a different academy attacking Takeshi. Takeshi must fight the main ninja in a boss fight each ten levels.


For other ninja controls, see their seperate articles.

← → Left/right - Move or swing the ninja rope (Takeshi)

Up - Jump or move up on ninja rope (Takeshi)

Down - Activate stealth mode or move down on ninja rope (Takeshi)

PC Mouse Left Click Mouse - Throw a ninja star (click and hold to make a ninja rope) (Takeshi)

Spacebar - Exit out of a mine (Takeshi or other ninjas)



  • Welder Pods - Welder Pods are Hayashi's allies on levels 30-40. Like Hayashi, they are fire and heat based. They behave like drone mines, but they will slam into the ground upon coming in the area of and send a heat wave in two directions (Like Moltovs in Nitrome Must Die). They require three hits to kill.
  • Heat Assasins - Heat Assasins are Hayashi's allies on levels 30-40. Like Hayashi, they are fire and heat based. They have the ability to split the walls of the level. They are rare enemies. They will fire a heat blast at a wall, and an orange line will break through it. This can make pieces from the ceiling fall and crush Takeshi. The heat blasts will kill Takeshi on touch. They take 8 hits to kill.



  • Lava Infected Walls - Lava Infected Walls are hazards on Hayashi's levels (30-40). They are like Shock Walls, but do not kill Takeshi upon firing a rope into them. When a rope is fired into a Lava Infected Wall, slowly, Takeshi's rope will turn orange. When the rope is completely orange, one health will be taken away from Takeshi. When Takeshi releases a rope and fires a new one, that rope too will slowly turn orange. Lava Infected Walls hurt Takeshi on touch, but do not immediately hurt him through the ropes.