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Final Ninja Ω



Game Type:

Main Game


Action, Shooter, Stealth


← → Move, Mouse - Fire Ninja Stars, ↑ Jump, ↓ Stealth

Final Ninja Ω, pronounced as Final Ninja Omega (beta name Final Ninja: Reversal) is a fan made game made by NOBODY.



Takeshi was the last Ninja master. Image of Takeshi in his suit standing.
In his early years of being a Ninja, he carried out missions for Akuma - his master - to destroy evil organizations. Image of Takeshi firing a Ninja Star at a terrified Boshi.
After 30 years of service, Takeshi headed to a secluded area on the earth. Image of a tower like building.
An angered Akuma became bent on annihilating Takeshi, doing all he could to kill his former employee. Image of Akuma.
Alas, Takeshi became aware of the situation, and being more nimble than Akuma in his blue tanks, defeated Akuma for good. Image of Takeshi near an exploding Defense Robot Zero
Ryo, son of Boshi and cared for by Akuma, became enraged at Takeshi's murderous ways, and sought ways of killing him. Image of angry Ryo.
Upon finding an old and rusted Ninja Suit, Ryo garbed himself in it, and set out to kill Takeshi, the murderer of his father. Image of Ryo against a sunset.
Takeshi, now 80+ years old and yearning to be as he was as his young self, drank a lime green coloured canister. Image of an old Takeshi drinking from a Toxic Canister
With his body strengthened, he made another Ninja Suit, and planned to take over the City. Takeshi in his suit.


Final Ninja Omega is split up into 4 regions: The City, Jungle, Bridge, and Takeshi's Fortress. Each region has region-exclusive enemies. Some may differ in appearance in different areas.


Level 1: Office Complex

Level 2: Office Complex 2

Level 3: Upper Streets

Level 4: Junkyard

Level 5: Lower Junkyard

Level 6: Entertainment District

Level 7: Entertainment District 2

Level 8: Factory Area

Level 9: Lower Streets

Level 10: Old City

This level features the first boss of the game, Defense Robot Gama.


Level 11: Highland

Level 12: Farmland

Level 13: Muddy Slope

Level 14: Caves

Level 15: Caves Exit

Level 16: Great Waterfall

Level 17: Great Waterfall 2

Level 18: Ravine

Level 19: Ancient City

Level 20: Excavation Site

This level features the second boss of the game, Attack Humming Bird.


Level 21: Bridge Entrance

Level 22: Bridge Section 1

Level 23: Bridge Section 2

Level 24: Bridge Section 3

Level 25: Bridge Section 4

Level 26: Bridge Section 5

Level 27: Bridge Section 6

Level 28: Bridge Section 7

Level 29: Bridge Security Station

Level 30: Bridge Exit