Final Ninja Three is a game idea created by The Chipped Cup for Nitrome. The third installment of the Final Ninja series, which also consist of Final Ninja and Final Ninja Zero, a prequel. Final Ninja Three focuses on Takeshi's son, also named Takeshi, who takes on the position of the Final Ninja in the year 2073.


  • ARROW KEYS or WASD - move left, right, jump, duck
  • SPACE - stealth
  • LEFT CLICK - shoot ninja star/rope

Playable Characters

  • Takeshi III - the third member of the family named Takeshi to become the Final Ninja
  • Kagekira - replaces Akuma in the criminal underworld, offers an alliance with Takeshi
  • Okami O'Neil - also known as The Wolf, former leader of the Octocult (unlocked when defeated)
  • Maxwell Merlock - former CEO of Merlock Food Pharma Corp, has brain transferred to robot (unlocked when defeated)
  • The Lion - leader of the Octocult (unlocked when defeated)
  • Baron Battenberg - boss at Battenberg Incorporated, plots to use Octoboss ink as a new fuel (unlocked when defeated)
  • The Unicorn - leader of the motorcycle gang that works for Maxwell Merlock, known for the horn on the front of his helmet (unlocked when defeated)
  • Izhac Kerr - an infamous hacker who is on the run from the government and is currently a hermit (unlocked when defeated)
  • Tina Tengu - leader of the Tengu Yazuka Clan, and Tengu Computer Manifacturer Corp (unlocked when defeated)
  • Hyenu Clearwater - CEO of Tokyo Nuclear Power Plant, and secretly a martian (unlocked when defeated)


At the age of 75, Takeshi realizes that he must pass on the legacy of the Final Ninja to the next generation after crime reaches an all-time height, as a gang war arises between his former underworld organization and the Tengu Yazuka Clan. He tells his son, also named Takeshi, about everything and after the original Takeshi becomes ill, Takeshi III discovers the ninja suit and a secret underground training room. He eventually becomes the third Final Ninja, and battles mercenaries of the Tengu Yazuka Clan who are out terrorizing the Tokyo Nuclear Power Plant. There, Takeshi III accidentally discovers that the CEO, Hyenu Clearwater, is a martian (notorious for the Martian Invasions of 2020 and 2060). A battle arises between Takeshi and Hyenu, which ends in Hyenu being defeated but letting out a cry which reaches his fellow martians in space.




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