Fire-Fox aka "Xavier"

Fire-Fox appears in the 24 days of Moneyball near the end as its second boss. Like the previous boss (Obomoneynation), Fire-Fox posesses fire powers. Also, Fire-Fox possesses a fire crystal. In the picture seen in the character box, Fire-Fox is tamed, and the crystal breaks because the hypnotyzing spell fails to keep Fire-Fox evil.

Fire-Fox, aka "Xavier"

After being beaten, Fire-Fox is tamed by Carter.

Gender Male
Species Mozilla Firefox
Faction Once bad, but now good
Health 15 Blows (T24DOMB), (J.U.S.T.I.N)

Immortal (Spacial Rider)

Level 21 (Boss, T24DOMB)

2-10 (Ally, Spacial Rider) Hard Levels (J.U.S.T.I.N)

Status Alive, probably waiting for Carter to cry, "Oh, Xavier!!!!"
Game(s) The 24 Days of Moneyball

Spacial Rider J.U.S.T.I.N


Fire-Fox is an orange fox with orange and golden-yellow coloring. When the fire crystal is on his flank, part of his tail is red, and the colors are reversed. Like Carter, Austin the white part of his eye is yellow. He only has one tooth, but his bite is more powerful than his bark...

Other Appearences

Fire-Fox appears in various stories/games, usually as a side character. He appears as a main character in the upcoming fanfiction My Little Wiki: NMD is Magic. Due to his ability to breathe fire, Austincarter4ever believed that he would be the best substitute for Spike. Instead of Enda having 2 assistants, she only has one: Xavier! But you might be asking: WHERE'S CARTER'S PET?! HE DOESN'T HAVE ENDA OR XAVIER! SO WHAT NOW?! Read A Boy and his Strings, pweez.


Evil- Is hate-filled and wants to kill anybody who trespasses in his territory.

Good- Has a heart of gold and is very helpful and willing to do anything. He's also quick to talk and rarely lets the person he's talking to finish.


  • Austincarter4ever was reading a book with comic panels called "The Little Prince" and couldn't help but draw the fox in a crazy way.
  • Yes, Fire-Fox has a cousin. He's an internet browser.
  • Though Fire-Fox isn't based off of any Nitrome Characters, he is based off of a fox that the Little Prince tames, which is the same thing Carter does to Fire-Fox. Thus, Carter has 2 pets (Enda, and Xavier).
  • Austincarter4ever's friends thought Fire-Fox was a Pokemon... She is disappoint...
  • When he was evil, Fire-Fox ate Internet Explorer for breakfast!
  • Now, he eats wild berries and only the finest meats.