Flash is a Winged Unicorn that is the sister of Dash. She also debuts in Rainbow Run. She carries Justin Bennet on her back.


Flash in the "i liek caek" Fan Art

Gender Female
Species Winged Unicorn
Faction Good
Health Infinite unless she falls off-screen
Level All
Status Alive
Game(s) Rainbow Run
Spacial Rider
Rainbow Rider


Flash also has a swirly horn and fluffy mane. Flash is white with pink hair. Her horn behaves the same way as Dash's. She also appears at the end of Spacial Rider to see the status of Comet.


  • Flash looks like the Trophy Wife from the episode of MLP:FIM when Rarity stays in Canterlot.
  • Like Justin, Flash can be clumsy. She also likes to look at flying creatures in he pastime.
  • Her colors are the inverse of her sister Dash's.