Petunia Cloud

Gender Female
Species Flower powered angel cat
Faction Good
Health 5 lives (left)
Level Not on games. (for anyone but me)
Status Alive
Game(s) Twin shot 2 (for me)

Flora or Petunia is an angel cat who has the power of nature, and can wipe out any good level enemy with her bow.


Petunia 4Flora is a small angel cat that has a green bow and normal arrows. She has the all the powers from twin shot, so she can defeat practically any enemy very easily. Her personal favorite is the love arrows, and she's most powerful in spring.


she's weak to fire, so fire arrows arent in her inventory. when she's hit she turns pale. She doesn't like to play in the evil levels of twin shot 2 due to there being to much fire. Now she only have 5 lives left.

Flora dying


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