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Gender Unknown
Species Turnip
Faction Vegetables'
Health Invincible
Level None
Status Probably buried in the ground / eating candy canes / being an anvil
Game(s) None

Note:Since Flutternip's gender is unknown, he/she will be called with a 'it'.
Flutternip is Fluffnip's brother/sister (remember, turnips' gender are unknown). Flutternip is a friendly Nipbot with yellow eyes and a brighter top part than Fluffnip. Like Fluffnip, it will bury itself in the ground to not be bothered or to sleep. Flutternip likes hugs and candy canes, and will go crazy about them. It can eat enzymes to get the enzyme's colour and properties. Like Fluffnip, it can become an anvil when it wants. Those turnips are definitely strange...


  • I created Flutternip because I was always misspelling Fluffnip with Fluttershy from MLP:FiM

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