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Flying Guards
Attack Can sometimes make toxic food
Abilities Blowing up balloons
Health Instant death if they touch flames
Points none
Game(s) Untouched

Flying Guards are servants and interactive objects and are found in the game Untouched.


Flying Guards wear hot pink armour that is beetle like. At either side of the helmet of the Flying Guards is a light green horn. Below the horns on either side is a hand covered with armour. That hand's armour is pink and green. Below the hand on either side is a armoured foot. The foot, like its hand, is pink and green. On the Flying Guards face is two blue eyes and a blue mouth. The eyes and the mouth are surrounded by a light green line.


Flying Guards are the sisters of the beetle knights from magic touch. They were getting bored of having their older brothers bother them so they decided to leave them. They were aided by the Green Wizard who let them come to his brothers castle and have a eventful life. They came, flying from the sky, storing all their belongings in their suit. The Green Wizard let them out of their amour and let some be guards of the castle and some to be servants. The now live at the castle of the Green Wizard and they greatly enjoy their duties.

Game information

Flying Guards always fall from the top of the screen and slowly descend down. A balloon is attached to their back with a symbol on it. The player must draw the symbol backwards to let the Flying Guards through the force field guarding the castle.