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Gemmie and Naya
Gemmie and Naya big image
Gender Male (Gemmie), Female (Naya)
Species Angel
Faction Good
Health 3 lives (Gemmie), 4 lives (Naya)
Level Has yet to appear in any game.
Status Alive
Game(s) Has yet to appear in any game.

Gemmie and Naya are angels working for good. Gemmie is blue, and his abilities are water-based. Naya is red, and her abilities are fire-based. Both of their bows naturally have these elements assigned to them.


Gemmie and Naiya (without smaller sprites)

I intend to redesign these two sometime soon, so don't expect this to stay for much longer.

Gemmie is blue and slightly taller than his sister. He wields a red bow, has very bright red eyes, and has green wings. Naya is red. She wields a blue bow, has very bright blue eyes, and has pink wings. The two of them are intentionally exact opposites.


The two of them are weak to each other's elements. Thus, they don't often fight together, due to risk of seriously injuring each other. With each hit they take, their wings desaturate- by the time they're too weak to continue fighting their wings barely have any color left. Gemmie cannot fight in the Evil levels due to the sheer amount of fire; vice-versa for Naya as the water vapor and ice in clouds puts her off.


  • Gemmie and Naya's names are corruptions of both halves of "gemini".
  • They were initially going to be named Pollux and Castor, but that was scrapped due to overuse of those names.

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