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Giant Gold Head Bird
Gender Female
Species Robot
Faction Evil
Health Three Blows
Level 10 (1st run)
Status Defeated
Game(s) Platform Panic: Fanfiction Edition

Giant Gold Head Bird is the first boss in Platform Panic: Fanfiction Edition.


Giant Gold Head Bird is purple with gold talons and a gold head. She has slender, purple wings with very stiff sections. Her glowing red eyes are enough to strike fear into anyone; she resembles a parrot.

Game Information

Giant Gold Head Bird appears in the 10th level the first time through them (in challenge, she's in the 10th room and can be passed). In order to defeat her, the player has to jump on her head three times, which should be easy since the only character the player has at the time is Carter.

Between jumps, the player should be wary of the electrocuting light on her head. Staying to either side of her head is the easiest way to win.

To get to her head, the player has to manuver between three moving platforms.


  • She looks similar to Ave.