The Giant Tree Planet is a planet where official Nitrome Games Small Fry and Cheese Dreams and possibly Canopy and Rockitty take place.

Here are some theories about the planet:

  • Canopy may take place in this planet, as the trees seen in Small Fry and Cheese Dreams are big like the ones seen in Canopy.
  • Humans may inhabit this planet, since humans are hinted in Canopy.
  • All the games that takes place in this planet may be in a distant future. This is because in Canopy, humans are hinted, but no animals like in Canopy exist in Earth. It's possible that humans found and inhabitet the planet, maybe because they filled Earth with waste as seen in Rustyard.
  • It's also possible humans get natural resources and hunt inhabitants of the planet, because in Nitrome's "Preview" banner, a Sporty Small Fry is seen inside a jar in a gypsy's bookshelve.
  • The background from Cheese Dreams 2 is similar to Rockitty and the Cheese Dreams 2 might take place in the Cat Spaceship.
  • The blocks from Cheese Dreams 2 are similar to Rockitty.

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