Gender Male
Health 300
Game(s) Nitrome Fortress

 Gladiator is a class in Nitrome Fortress.


Gladiator is the strongest class in Nitrome Fortress. Despite being slow, you wont survive when you're next to him. Gladiator has the largest life in th game and deals an incredible damage. He can be very injured, but he can recover it's whole health by using the beef.


Smashing Hammer

Different from other classes, Gladiator's primary weapon is it's meelee weapon. The smashing hammer has a great damage and a large range, however it's slow. Attacking an enemy with low life (less than 25%) does instant kill. The hammer gets faster as how many enemies are killed (10% more speed by each enemy killed).


The beef isn't a weapon, but does a great buff. Using the beef will heal your life for complete and will add a regeneration buff for 10 seconds. Consuming the beef will active an cooldown of 15 seconds. After the cooldown ends, you will be abble to use the beef again. Using the beef at full life won't consume it. Right-Clicking will share it with allies, recovering 50% of their lifes.

Thrwoing Knife

Throwing knife is a ranged weapon. It's not precise, but does a good damage. When right-clicking, you can change the knife. There are two knifes: Precise and Strong. Precise has a larger range and great speed, but does less damage. The strong does more damage, however is slower and has a smaller range.


  • Consume the beef away from enemies. As it has a large animation, try to not be seen while consuming it.7
  • Fast classes may run in circles around you and attack you. Try to say static and attack them in only one direction.
  • Use the beef when you're very injured. Using it at 75% of max life will be useless.
  • Professor is your best allie in the battle. Use proto charges to be invencible for a few time.

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