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Good Uncle Rico
Good Rico
Gender Male
Species Boring Human
Faction Good
Health Cannot Die
Level None
Status Alive
Game(s) None

Good Uncle Rico Is The Clone Of Evil Rico.

He is a good friend that turned some evil characters.


Good Rico is bald, he has a red nose and a mustache. He also has pink cheeks, and wears a blue shirt and trousers and brown boots. He also wears blue bracelets and a necklace with a whistle which he uses to warn Billy the direction the treadmill is going to move, and seems to have some hair on his chest.

List Of Evil Characters Turned To Good By Good Rico

  • Good Jack Frost Good Jack Frost
  • Good fluffykins Good Fluffykins
  • Good Baron Von Blimp Good Baron von Blimp

And Many Others.

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