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Here's the page where I put my mysteries !!! The mystery consist in an image with different thing that you must find, such as an hidden Nitrome character, or differences between two images ! I had this idea by watching Superyoshibros20's blog. If you are stuck in a mystery (they're pretty hard), the answer will be in a spoiler under the image, or you can simply look at other people's guesses ! Once you have discovered a mystery, you can put the answer in the "Guesses" section, under the spoiler (even if someone has already guessed). You can also click on the images for a bigger version. If the mystery is two hard (it will probably be), you can use an image editing program such as gimp or paint to see the details.

You can add your guess (only in the "Guesses" section) like that:
'''<insert name here>:'''
Your guess

If you're using an image as an answer, make sure it's not in the same line as you text by using <br> and it's scaled at 200px.
Note: don't put the top and bottom part, just put you guess as shown in the middle

Bosses appears less often than regular mysteries. They are not necessarily harder than regular mysteries. They are called bosses because they are .gif animations, and a sprite is easily noticeable when not moving.

Random Stuff
You can get the Gouchnox Mystery userbox by typing {{GouchnoxMystery}} ! Oh and the image is a link to this page, so you can get here from your userpage !

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Mysteries lovers
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M1: Bad Ice Cream 3 title

Find the 7 differences between these two images:

300px-Bad_Ice_Cream_3_menu.png 300px-BICmystery.png


BICmystery resolved


Port1967: missing lightning bolt between icecream's eyes missing hole in the A in BAD missing hole in the signpost missing snow on the right missing hill missing splat Missing one difference...

Klemen702: The A has a missing part,a green droplet is missing,there is no hole in the sign,There is an extra mountian in the background,the line on the ice cream character is missing,a bit snow is missing at the bottom right.I could not find the last one,but these games are so much better then yoshi's!

M2: Missing Blue

Blue ? Where are you ? Bluuuuuuue ?! Guys, I think I lost Blue... can you help me ?



MissingBlueMystery resolved


Test Subject fan: Blue is the one hole thingy in the wall at right!

M3: Mimic Green madness

I've got a problem... green enzymes have invaded my test chamber. I need to get every mimic green enzymes out of here but first, I need to count them. Can you help me ? Just remember that mimic green enzymes have many different forms, which make them hard to find because they look like regular green enzymes. When you have fond them, make an image where you tell which one are mimics and which ones are not.


Note: I used FrostyCakeTrap's Rex209


MimicGreenMystery resolved


Klemen702: 10 Mimics

Test Subject fan: Here's my answer
Mimic Enzyme Madness TSF&#039;s answer

M4: Missing Blue #2

Guess what ? Blue disappeared ! It's starting to be annoying... Come on, help me and find Blue !



MissingBlueMystery2 resolved


Test Subject fan: In the middle of that picture reads 'BLUE-'.

Klemen702: Found Him
Klem&#039;s guess.

M5: Boss.gif MewTube corrupted server

One of the MewTube server has been corrupted by Oodlegobs ! You need to count all of them in order to kill the boss !

[Head towards MewTube towers]


19 Oodlegobs
MewTube CorruptedServer Boss resolved


Frostyflytrap: 19 Oodlegobs.

Port1967: 18 small Oodlegobs and one big Oodlegob.

M6: The computer message

I can't understand a word of what this computer person is saying... Can you help me and decode this message ?



This code uses the Caesar cipher with the 2 key, which means that:
The core is:
"We are one, we are many
I'm warning you, take this advice
You've got to run, you've got to flee
Cause we are bots, today we rise"


Mloq1967: we are one, we are many I'm warning you,take this advice you've got to run. you've got to flee cause we are bots, today we rise

M7: Test Subject Arena 2 title

It's a game title (again), and you'll have to find the 7 differences between the two images ! (again)



TSA2mystery resolved


Test Subject fan: Hmm... i'm not that good with all mysteries, I just found 3 differences: Version 1.5 instead of 1.2, Rex209's shorter switch thingy and missing shadow on Nastidious' jacket.

Port1967: What TSF said,also there is a missing spot on the professor's face.

M8: The right Turnament path

How can the Turnament Knight reach the end of the level without getting smashed by a Skull ? Choose wisely...



In Turnament, you need and even number of blocks between you and a Skull in order to kill him.

Left: 25 blocks
Middle: 23 blocks
Right: 22 blocks

The correct one is the right path.


Test Subject fan: The right path?

Port1967: Path 3

M9: Swapping maze

You need to answer by an image.
Green Robot: Bep ! What a mess here ! What is wrong with the sky ? Why are there beta blocks ? Bep ! I need to reach the pink robot but it'll be hard... since those beta blocks doesn't really exist, I think I can go through them. Bep ! Oh and did this annoying protagonist has swapped gems into spike balls ? Oh well.... Bep !



CT(maze)Mystery resolved


Test Subject fan: Found the way!
Swapping maze TSF&#039;s ansver

M10: Turnament fireballs

What the hay ? Why are there ink covering the level ? I just want to play Turnament ! Oh well... I need to know what fire shooting blocks will shoot fireballs in the next turn. The problem is that they don't have the same firing frequency and there is this stupid ink hiding some fireballs...



By counting the number of blocks between two existing fireballs, you can deduce the fire shooting block's firing frequency and find the location of the other fireballs.

TurnamentMystery2 resolved

1st fire shooting block: The distance between two fireballs is 3 blocks, so the firing frequency is 3. You can find the others fireballs with this frequency and the existing ones. Since the distance between the fire shooting block and the closest fireball is 0 and not 3, the block won't fire in the next turn.

2nd fire shooting block: The distance between the first two fireballs is 5, and the distance between the others is 8, so the firing frequency is 2. Since the distance between the closest fireball and the fire shooting block is 2, the block will fire in the next turn.

3rd fire shooting block: The distance between the two fireballs is 6, so the firing frequency is 6. After finding the closest fireball, which is 6 blocks away from the fire shooting block, we can tell that the block will fire in the next turn.

4th fire shooting block: The distance between the two fireballs is 5, and the distance between the closest one and the fire shooting block is 3, so it won't fire in the next turn.

5th fire shooting block: The distance between the two top fireballs is 2, and the bottom fireball is 1 block away from the fire shooting block, so it won't fire in the next turn.

6th fire shooting block: The distance between the two fireballs is 3, so is the distance between the fire shooting block and the bottom fireball. The block will fire in the next turn.

7th fire shooting block: The distance between the two fireballs is 7, so the firing frequency of the block is 7. Since the closest fireball is 7 blocks away from the block, it will fire in the next turn.


Orange-Fireball Grey-No fireball Black-Unsure

M11: Missing Blue #3

Careful Blue ! The Machine is activated and it's gonna hunt you ! By the way... Were are you ? I guess it's not my problem anymore... But still, we need to find Blue and keep it away from the Machine, or this nice enzyme will be killed. You don't want Blue dead, do you ?



MissingBlueMystery3 resolved


Port1967: Blue is SAFE!!!!!111!!!

Test Subject fan: Yeah, Blue is safe... thanks to you Port for taking Blue away from the Machine :)

M12: Boss.gif MewTube corrupted server #2

Guess what ? Counting Oodlegobs does not kill them ! That pretty obvious when you think about it... Anyway the Oodlegobs have multiplied now, and we need to stop them once and for all ! Since counting does not work (no, really ?), a bomb will do the job. If only I had one... Can you find it for me ? Careful, it has become a real mess down here...

[Head towards MewTube towers] (again)


It appears as the eye of a pink Oodlegobs on the bottom-left corner of the 3rd spite.
MewTube CorruptedServer2 Boss resolved


Port1967An eye

M13: Frozen fractal

Since Disney's last movie, Frozen, is just epic, I thought I would make an incredibly hard mystery for the occasion ! I know, I'm evil, and bored... You'll have to answer by an image for this one, I thing you'll guess why...
You need to find the 7 differences between those two symmetrical fractals (not the snowflake, it's just here because of the empty space in the center).





M14: Ditto title

Ditto is out ! That means another mystery ! Since I don't have any ideas, I'm gonna do the 7 differences thing again. Enjoy ! (or not)



DittoMystery resolved


Test Subject fan: Found 6 differences... but where's the last one?
Ditto mystery - TSF&#039;s answer

M15: Missing Blue #4

Wow, you're doing it again Blue... After all this time, you decide to play hide and seek again ? But it's not the time to play ! You know, battling in arenas, shooting at each other... Fun, right ? What do you mean, you don't like that ? Well, that's unexpected from a peaceful enzyme. I though you'd love it !
I guess I'll need help to find you, again...



I guess Blue didn't want to fight... he was hiding behind the J of "SUBJECT" !

MissingBlueMystery4 resolved


Plasmaster The outline of Blue is in the space between the B and J in Subject.

Test Subject fan: Found him! Hiding between B and J...
Missing Blue 4 - TSF&#039;s answer

M16: Tunrament Chess

Have you ever played Chess ? Have you ever played Turnament ? Well now, you have both at once ! Here, in this version of Chess, you have wholes, and multiple enemies:

  • Slimes will slide diagonally, just like bishops;
  • Skulls will destroy anything that comes close to them, similarly to kings;
  • Spiders will jump on your face, exactly like knights does;
  • Fireballs will move sideways in both directions, kind of like rooks (or homing fireballs of death and pain, I guess) ;
  • Sorcerers will slide diagonally and shoot fireballs sideways, and are as op as queens.

Will all those enemies at once, the best things to do is to find a save spot, but where ?



TurnamentChessMystery resolved

The blue zone is the area covered by Sorcerers.

The yellow zone is the area covered by Skulls.

The red zone is the area covered by Spiders.

The green zone is the area covered by Slimes.

The orange zone is the area covered by Fireballs.


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