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MT Wizard 2
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction His own
Health 1 touch from maidens and mice
Level all
Status Happily enjoying his brothers castle
Game(s) Untouched

Merlin or the green wizard is the main character in the game Untouched.


Merlin wears a green robe and a pointed hat. That hat is also green and covered with black stars, suns, and moons. Merlin always carries around his wand witch is a red star attached to a black stick. Merlin has pale skin, red cheeks, black eyes, and a purple mouth. On Merlin's face is a brownish red moustache and a long red beard.


Merlin was born in a small town called Chimney Stock where he lived out his child hood. He was not the most well behaved child as he burned the school house down and was greatly praised by his fellow students. He had a pet cat called Screech that would Scream most often. Though his parents thought him a great trial he was very successful in toy making. One day he came to live with his brother and worked very hard in gaining his brother's respect and trust. He did gain it and was put in charge of protecting his brother's castle against Flying Guards. He betrayed his brother and took over his castle and changed the Flying Guards into strong soldiers and servants. To this day he lives alone with his spell books, Screech, and his many servants.

Game information

To use Merlin's wand, click and drag to make a line. To make Merlin jump press the up arrow key. One touch from maidens or mice will instantly kill Merlin.