This article, Greenpokeman coins, is the creative property of Greenpokeman. Violators will be attacked by bluehemoth

These are coins used to buy my guns


Normal coin - 5 coin

Cat coin - 10 coins

Fish coin - 20 coins

Leaf coin - 50 coins

Rainbow coin - 100 coins

Infinicoin - infinite uses/infinite coins


Multi beam - 10
NMD Multi-beam gun
Lightning - 20
NMD Lighting
Toxic - 10
NMD toxic gun
Leach seed - 20
NMD Leech seed gun
Virus - 50
NMD Virus gun
Freezerizer - 30
NMD Freeseriser
Flamerizer - 30
Energizer - 30
NMD Energizer
Doomsday - 100
Spawner - 50
Boulder - 75


  • You must credit me for idea and sabkv for art for any gun besides boulder, spawner, doomsday, and flamerizer.
  • You cannot change anything about how it works.
  • You must tell me when you buy something

who owns coins

sabkv - infinicoin

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