This is a page for new stuff to be assigned to users in Happy Jump Land. All Mario stuff listed has to be Happy Jump Land-ifed.

Axiy, Mystery, and Frostyflytrap can assign themselfs to a thing and get working.

Mario Enemies

Spiny (And it's egg that Frogkitu throws)-DONE

Buzzy Beetle ( helmet Small Legged blob)-Mystery

Buzzy Henchman-Frosty-DONE

Hammer Bro.-Sabkv-Done


Boo - Mystery-DONE

Monty Mole (Henchmole)

Dry Bones (Skeleton Henchman)

Chain Chomp -Mystery-DONE

Scuttle Bug


Whomp (A rectangular Squish Block with arms and legs)

Micro Goomba (Tiny Blob)

Paragoomba (Winged Blob)

Twimp (Mini Squish block) -Mystery


[?] Block (Happy Block, Turner's head. When the player hits it it becomes Turner's distressed face.)

Blue Shell (A Helmet for Bearded Man)

Mega Mushroom (Giant Gumdrop)

Mini Mushroom (Tiny Gumdrop)

Red Ring and Red Coins


Bowser Jr. (Prince Frog, World 1 boss)-Frosty

Mummipokey (High Mummy Creature, World 2 boss)

Cheepskipper (Henchskipper, World 3)

Mega Goomba (Giant Blob, World 4)-Frosty

Petey Pirahna (Flyplant, World 5)-Frosty

Monty Tank (Henchmole Tank)-Mystery

Lakithunder (Frogkithunder)-Mystery-DONE

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