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Takeshi running
Gender Male
Species Human
Faction Evil
Health 6 blows (Boss)

3 blows (Game)

Level 40
Status Dead
Game(s) Final Ninja 2.0: Legacy

Hayashi is a boss and playable character in Final Ninja 2.0: Legacy. Hayashi is encountered by Takeshi in a large room completely covered with lava infected walls. Hayashi will fire multiple heat blasts at Takeshi, and then will pause for a brief moment to catch his breath, and then Takeshi will have a brief moment to fire ninja stars at him. If Takeshi fires at least 8 ninja stars at Hayashi in that time, 1/6 of Hayashi's health will be depleted. This is difficult, because Takeshi can't fire a ninja star without falling, and if he doesn't regain his grip to the wall, he will hit part of the lava infected wall and lose a third of his health. Takeshi also can't hang from the same ninja star for very long without getting hurt by the lava seeping into his rope. Near the end of the battle, when Hayashi has 3/6 health left, certain parts of the lava infected walls will turn back to normal walls.