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Holy Carter
Gender Male
Species Golden Angel, Pokémon NMDFanfictionMon
Faction Very Good, Evil
(Current Season of NMDFFM)
Health Immortal
Level 50-100

(Rainbow Rider)

Status Became Omega Carter
Game(s) Rainbow Rider, NMDFanfictionMon,
Christmas Comic

Holy Carter

Holy Carter is the holy form of Carter, Austin. He debuts in Rainbow Rider inAustin's dreams. Due to dying, Carter takes on another form (as an angel!). He became an Angel because he sacrificed himself to save his friends from Mad Mare's Hyper Helios ray. Due to being such a moral person, God accepted Carter into Heaven, where he grew wings and soon got a halo. Due to being in the clouds for a while, His shirt and pants got clouds attached to them. Finally, his last test was to catch a shooting star and attach it somewhere. Still thinking about his friends, Carter decides to attach the star to his pants, where Justin usually has his ninja star. Carter felt happy, until he realized his life wasn't complete without his friends in it.So he snuck down to Earth in order to think with WAC about how to be free from heaven. Carter decided to reason with God, but God had already given Carter the power to fly freely between worlds. So then Carter continued to live with his friends and went back to Heaven every once in a while. Though he can feed off of the sun's energy, he prefers to eat visible food, such as Caek, Carrot Juice, and Ice Ceem.


Holy Carter appears similar to an ordinary angel. He has two Golden Yellow wings that are pointed rather than like WAC's, which are rounded. As always, Carter's skin is a positive lively color. The only things that hadn't changed about Carter was his face, hair, and eyes. His shirt are the same except for one thing: The shirt and pants now have clouds on them, and there's a star belt with Sea Green straps on his pants; there's a Golden Halo above his head. The halo has the power to grant wishes for people as long as they have one (or more) good trait about themselves. For example, Bennet asks Carter for a piece of caek, and the item Bennet asks for appears in Carter's Halo. Afterwards, it floats to the person who wished for the item; he is as cute as ever.

In the Christmas Comic, Holy Carter looks quite different. He's wearing a red hat that has mistletoe dangling off from it. He's wearing a gold bell around his neck/shoulders, a golden shirt with turquoise trim, red pants, and yellow wings with red Pom-poms at their edges.


Holy Carter's personality Is the same as his old self, but now, he also likes to point out strange things about Human beings, as he is no longer classified as a human being. He's not even Austin's clone anymore, but they share similar DNA, including the part-bird DNA because Carter now has wings.


  • Flying
  • Granting Wishes
  • Reverting back to original forme (if desired)
  • Wearing clothes that were worn BEFORE death
  • Sparkle Sparkle Sparkle
  • Change one's faction 

NMDFanfictionMon Appearance

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Holy Carter debuted in NMDFFM during 'Out of the Old', when the reader FINALLY gets to see Carter's true evolution. He evolved when a Rayquaza let him touch a glowing ball as a reward for reaching heaven. Afterwards, Carter cleared all the clouds away and destroyed Darker with a charged up SOLARBEAM.

Holy Carter is the 11th Pokemon to be found in the second season. If the reader looks closely, they'll see that Carter does not have a halo; this is foreshadowing.

In episode 16 of the second season,

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He confesses to why he was acting up, and it was because the writer made herself the main character. Due to having this kind of selfish anger in his system while Vilius imprisoned him, Vilius tricked Carter into thinking that if he got fused with some of his corrupted energy, he'd be able to resolve the problem.



  • Holy Carter is the last Pokemon to evolve in the first season.
  • Holy Carter is one of the only Pokemon who demanded not to get a name change.
  • "Holy Carter!" is one of AustinCarter4Ever's catch phrases IRL. Confusion usually ensues with whoever she is talking to, and this is usually said to signify happiness, shock, or anger.
  • Holy Carter is the only Pokemon thus far to betray the main cast.

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