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Gender Male
Species Horned Cyclopes Monster
Faction Good
Health Inmortal
Level Not In A Level
Status Alive
Game(s) Not In A Game Nitrome Life

Hornycloponster Is the Nitromefan's frist pet.He is a horned cyclopes monster hence his name.

He have 10 years old but looks like he hve 30 years old,He have 2 friends like Jaxorama and Bloby.


Same as the original horned cyclopes monster from Frost Bite but green fur,red horns and a mouth smiling.


He before is owned by nitrome ,later by Jaxorama and later,Me.

He Have 5 Kids.each kid have a week day name. He no have arms but uses his horns for use like hands.


Hornycloponster male kid Monday Hornycloponster female kidTuesday Hornycloponster male kid Wednesday Hornycloponster female kidThursday Hornycloponster male kid Friday


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