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Yep, a song.

Wait, you thought I was joking? Well you were wrong.

These lyrics are supposed to coordinate with the melody in the game theme of Hot Air. A recording of the original audio can be listened to here, or on the game article itself in the infobox. These lyrics may also be subject to change, or added on to, since they don't account for the bit when the two "main" melodies overlap each other before separating.

The idea to make a Hot Air song spawned from Takeshi64's stream on the Nitrome Wiki channel, when IJZM wanted him to sing while playing Hot Air. :/


Stars everywhere,
And spikes on the stairs
Hit detection's unfair,
Why must spheres hit like squares?

Weaving through teeth,
A grey metal sheath,
Inch along the wreath
To finish from underneath

Blue/cyan fan,
An intrepid plan
Fast as you can,
Flee from the angry clan

Of cute and deadly things
like bullets, traps and spikes
With flaming orange shots.

Can you clear away the stars in time?
Be quick and on the dot.

Blue Cuboy's face
Will soon be erased
He's so out of place
Come on, pick up the pace!

Let's go; there's tons of us and one of him!
Wipe off his childlike grin.
Shrink the spaces where Hot Air can move at will
It's time to do him in! (let's go!)

(Pop that balloon x7
Getting closer x 6 / target locked!) - this is sung at the same time as the previous two stanzas as an overlay

(Swinging axes,
Spiky passes,
Balls on chains
And molten lava

Tiny green bugs,
Chasing beam thugs
Squares with faces
Rationed spaces

Rows of flames
Avoidance games
Endurance tests
and patience bets

Everything can pop your end, just
Pads and keys are your best friends!)

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