Ice Blood is a story

Ice Blood Title

Story begins with the ship flying to a deserted frozen planet

Cyan: Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

Deklaswas: I bet space hobos on the other side of the galaxy can't sleep because all they hear in the dark vacuums of space is "Are we there yet?"

Cyan: That's what I'm asking you!

Deklaswas: Never mind... but we are there.

Cyan: YAY! What, why?

Deklaswas: I've received an S.O.S. signal from this planet, but by the looks of it they might be dead. So we'll just loot their dead bodies. Sad as it is.

Cyan: Yay!

Deklaswas and Cyan land on the planet, still inside their ship

Deklaswas: Hmmm... seems deserted.

Cyan: Now is not the time for cake, we have to find them!

Deklaswas: Wait a minute, it's literally freezing out there. It's still the closest to the sun then it ever gets.

Cyan: But what if they're little cow babies? Do you want cow babies to freeze?

Dekalswas: No... I like cow babies... We'll go outside, but wear these suits or you'll-

Cyan goes outside without a suit

Deklaswas: Wait Cyan DON-DO-D-


Dekalswas: Cyan?

Cyan: Yeah

Deklaswas be like (OoO)

Deklaswas: WHAT? How did you survive, do you have whale blubber?

Cyan: No, just cat blubber, but it's actually fine out here!

Deklaswas steps out of the ship

Deklaswas: Remarkable... it isn't freezing... but how...

Stranger: That's what I've been wondering

Deklaswas: Huh? Who's out there? Answer meeeeEEEE!

Stranger: Hey there. I'm Doctor V, and I've been on this planet for months

Deklaswas: Huh... I see.

Doctor V: I'm a professional dragon breeder. Nice to meet you.

Deklaswas: Oh hi. I'm Deklaswas.

Doctor V: Hey. Let me show you around

Doctor V gives Deklaswas and Cyan a tour of the place

Deklaswas: These dragons are awfully healthy for a death- frozen planet

Doctor V: Yeah, I wonder what is keeping this planet warm...

Deklaswas: I'll read some things in my ship. You watch the cow- I mean dragons

In the ship

Deklaswas: Hmm.. Some device is keeping this area warm... that's all i can know

Cyan: Where is it

Deklaswas; Underground...

Deklaswas and Cyan: Hmmmm...

Cyan: The cow mother?

Deklaswas: Be serious cyan...

Outside the ship

Deklaswas: V, do you have a fire dragon?

Doctor V: Yeah, I got this little guy from Twin shot 2

Deklaswas: Perfect. Can you help him burn the ground? It's pure ice

Doctor V: Sure

Burning the ice about 30 feet in a matter of seconds, them see an olive green like fin

Deklaswas: Huh? What is that? Some type of fin for a... green... fin... swimming...

Dekalswas: ! AH!

Cyan: What?

Deklaswas: About 10 years ago, the skywire theme park was famous for it's huge selection of different worlds and animatronic animals. 6 Months after opening, the animatronics started to break. They were alive, malfuctioned. 10 days later, the first incident on skywire got a huge sue by a green frog tragically smashing the cart, causing a green troll to fall. After many more accidents, they couldn't survive, and closed it for good. They got rid of the robots, but they were still alive. Still slowly floating in space, waiting. This planet is the cover of quite possibly the largest animatronic. The animatronic was-


Deklaswas: No! You can't! It's not in your code!


Planet breaks and shatters apart

Deklaswas: Quickly, into my ship! Get the cow babies!

Doctor V: D-


After all heading inside the ship, they go to outer space to witness the planet's destruction

Deklaswas: He's rising!

Planet breaks apart like an egg releasing the turtle as he slowly drifts away in space repeating


Ship: Should I try to track him?

Deklaswas: No... there's no way he could've re awoken all of the skywire probes... maybe a monkey one.

Cyan: I like monkeys!

Doctor V: So know what?

Dekalswas: I don't know. Let's just forget about it now- who wants to see the memorial site of the fearsome droplet army?

And so they went to the droplets army, but suddenly ambushed of the magnificent' and evilly corupt power of the droplets army!

But they got away it's cool.

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