This article is about an unofficial Nitrome game thought up by Plasmaster. If you would like to make an edit to this article, please leave a message asking for his permission.


The Icon Game characters are all trapped in a massive labyrinth. Each of them must use their special ability and work together in order to solve puzzles, defeat enemies and bosses, and escape the dungeon!



Ice Beak

Turnament Knight


Teeny Hero



Three players connect online or local wirelessly and all spawn in a dungeon. Then, they each select their character; depending on the puzzles in the dungeon, only certain characters will be available, with only one player being able to occupy a character (so only one player can play as Gunbrick in that level. Each character has a special ability used to solve puzzles and help the team progress through the dungeon.

Players can attribute a specific code hack to their character that gives them an additional ability for a character.

Character Abilities

Gunbrick- defense on shield side, can function as a platform for other characters

Ice Beak- freezing water, freezing enemies

Turnament Knight- dash attack, strength

Flue- filling in holes, climbing walls

Teeny Hero- five jumps, rolling ability

Coil- electrifying ability, force field

Code Hacks

Rapid Fire Hack- increases firing rate for Gunbrick

Reflectium Hack- shielded projectiles are reflected by Gunbrick

Energy Reserves Hack- increases energy for Gunbrick

Frostbite Hack- Ice Beak's ice lasts longer

Hailstorm Hack- when jumping, Ice Beak drops a hailstone that damages enemies

Cold Snap Hack- when attacked, Ice Beak has a chance of freezing all nearby enemies

Turn-Based Hack- Each time Turnament Knight moves his speed increases

Brute Hack- Turnament Knight can lift heavier objects

Thick Armor Hack- Turnament Knight has a chance of taking no damage when attacked

Stickiness Hack- Flue can climb walls for a longer time

Stretchiness Hack- Flue can fill up greater areas

Gooey Hack- enemies may get stuck to the ground when attacking Flue

Roly Poly Hack- Teeny Hero's roll is faster and farther

Extra Jump Hack- Teeny Hero gets a sixth jump

Juicy Revenge Hack- Upon landing Teeny Hero will send out a wave of damaging juice

Magnetic Hack- Coil will more easily conduct electric currents

Durable Force Field Hack- Coil's force field can stay up for longer

Static Charge Hack- Coil will increase energy of all teammates


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