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Jiggles is a character in the miniseries Testangles and Adventures in Tentania.

Gender Male
Species Juggernaut Orange Enzyme
Faction Good
Health Should be good considering that it takes 24 hits to kill a Juggernaut Orange Enzyme! :D
Level All, starting with Episode 3
Status Alive, playing with Curly
Game(s) Testangles
Adventures in Tentania


Jiggles appears as any Juggernaut Orange Enzyme would appear. However, he moves around quicker than the average Juggernaut Orange Enzyme and as his name implies, he jiggles.

Appearances in Testangles

Jiggles debuted in Episode 3. He licked Curly and Safety and ate a lot of food pills. At the end, Curly insisted to Jiggles that they'll be together forever (with Jiggles agreeing to that statement).

Jiggles appeared again in Episode 5, where he believed that Dr. Nastidious would take over the world by trapping everyone in glass cages.

Spoken Language

Jiggles communicates through a series of purrs, whimpers, and yips. They vary in volume and frequency depending on what he wants to say. The only one who can understand what he is saying is Curly, as is demonstrated when Jiggles whimpers because he's hungry.


Like the polygonal protagonists, Jiggles doesn't like Dr. Nastidious too much either. Jiggles never took his tests seriously, so Dr. Nastidious confined him to a tiny glass cage. He was isolated from all life forms. He was very sad and wished to have a friend.

His wish came true near the end of Escape, where he heard Curly (from just a wall jump away) talking about getting woken up when there are no wrinkles on his face. There was something about Curly that made Jiggles eager to escape his confinement. With one whack of his lone arm, Jiggles freed himself and climbed the walls in order to reach the ceiling.

He eventually found whomever spoke and dropped down on their face. They seemed disgusted at first, but they quickly warmed up to Jiggles' adorable antics. He got his name from the trait that makes him stand out from all Juggernaut Orange Enzymes: he's very jiggly :3


Food Pills!



  • Jiggles' name is inspired off of the time AC4E made Jell-O and played with it in her hand. Coincidentally, it was orange OwO
  • Jiggles appears the same way when he enters Towers and Terragons. Perhaps it's because making him huge would break the game :P

I'll add more to this later! :D

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