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Karate Zapo
Karate zapo
Gender Male, but the reason of this, is that is a clone.
Species Robot Clone
Faction His Own
Health None
Level A 100% of that knowns karate
Status Existing
Game(s) Nitrome life

Karate Zapo is the Zapo's clone. he studies Karate day and night each day. He uses karate poses for protect of the wrost things like the DVD: The mechani-parrot's island that is the wrost DVD ever. He is a black and white version of Zapo.


When nitromefan have 8 or 9 years old, says that Zapo knowns karate but original zapo don't knowns karate. Two minutes before Nitromefan is viewing the video of "The Dracula Mosquito" on youtube, the article about Karate Zapo is created.




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