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Karate Fighting by Nitromefan

The title card

Karate Fighting is a disco-funk song by Nitromefan,and sung by Karate Zapo. This is the frist nitrome fan fictional song about karate that is in a disco and funk style.



Hiiiiiiiiiii! YA!'

Hey,My guy. Everybody Fights Kara-te

Hey,My guy. The cats Fights Kara-te

They were funky Japan man from funky dojo chopping wood


It's martial art,and everybody fights,for a flip,and kicking from a hip

There was a punch and a bigger kick, this is a fight for a Kick-Kick-Kiiiiiiiiiiiiick FASTER LIKE LIGHT!!!!



  • The name of the song is based off on the song "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Doughlas.
  • The melody of this song is based on Zappudo Geron from black locoroco from Loco Roco series of games.

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