CandD's kitty
Gender Male
Species Kitter-Fly
Faction Kitter-Flys
Health 4 hearts
Level Main Character
Status Flying
Game(s) Cat Air

Kitty is a Kitter-Fly. He is CandD's Pet and also the Main character of Cat Air.


Family Life

As CandD's pet, he loves to fly around and make meow sounds. Especially when He finds something interesting when CandD is on a quest. CandD finds Kitty Extremely helpful.

Other Pets

Unlike his other pet Mr.Fishiez and His family, He is not evil. He also doesn't try to Eat Mr.Fishiez, although Mr.Fishiez always seems to be trying to find a way to destroy him.


This part of the article is about an upcoming game.

Kitty is the protagonist of Cat Air, Which takes place in Cattilia.


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